Kittens and Cats Jewelry
Since 1965
About Us

Kittens and Cats Jewelry is a family owned and operated business. Members of our family have been in the jewelry industry since 1915. I entered as a diamond setter in 1946. Since then, we have branched out into designing and manufacturing a beautifully finished line of Kitten and Cat jewelry. Our goal is to sell our beautiful designer jewelry, directly to you, at the lowest possible price.

Kittens and Cats Jewelry consists of our sales team and a collection of Master Jewelers & Diamond Setters. We also design and manufacture other exquisite categories of animal jewelry, such as: equestrian and marine life as well as contemporary diamond slides, rings, and bracelets. Jewelry selections and purchases are all accomplished using this easy to use web site. Our customers have recognized and truly appreciate our combination of extremely high quality pieces and fair prices.

We feature all made to order 14 & 18 K Gold pieces. Our entire line of beuatifully crafted gold jewelry can be viewed and purchased by navigating to the appropriate category. Custom orders can be sent to us from the Contact Us page.

Because every item is made to order, we do not carry a large inventory. We can pass these savings directly to you, with exceptionally low prices on all items.

Our prices are determined by the cost of gold, employee salaries, our web presence, and of course, a modest profit.

Si and Selma Katz